“I chose Alysse primarily because I got the distinct impression both from her book and in meeting with her, that: 1. She had great deal of experience in the areas I was interested in, 2. She was very ethical would look out for my interests, 3. She would be tolerant of my inexperience as a first time buyer and help me through the entire process and, 4. Her process of  finding properties would be very suitable for me, where I filter possibilities online, then she filters them further by previewing them. The bottom line is I feel I was very fortunate to be able to work with someone of her caliber in locating a property that was a very good fit in an incredibly short period of time.”

Jeffrey Lohman

“Thank you all for your excellent efforts and time spent on my behalf. You made a daunting process understandable and pleasant with your informed and competent service.”

Dr. Alan Frol

“My case was a little complicated, and without Alysse’s support and all the work she’s done for me, I would have given up and stayed in my apartment.”

Marcel Quiron

“The words are not enough when explaining our “home buying” experience. We would have given up if it wasn’t for you. Thank you for finding our dream home. You have a great gift of patience and perseverance! We love our home!”

Wayne & Angela

“I can definitely recommend Alysse as a buyers agent. My wife and I first worked with a different agent with whom we were not very satisfied. Alysse has a good eye for spotting structural problems before you go to the trouble of getting an inspection done. I was very pleased with the information she provided and felt it was unbiased. Alysse also knew the areas where we were shopping very well.”

Drew C

“After reading the book, I googled her name and found that she works in Dallas area where I was looking for a house! I immediately contacted her and decided to work with her. When I interviewed her, it was kind of funny to ask her the questions she recommended to ask in her book:) I really enjoyed working with her and we bought a house we really liked at a great price. If you were in Dallas area, don’t hesitate to contact her for an interview.”

Dukgun Kim

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Alysse, for taking such good care of us. We love our new house and appreciate your honesty, integrity, and wealth of knowledge. Can’t wait to have you over for dinner!”

Paula Martins

“We hired Alysse to help us by a house that was for sale by owner. She spotted a problem with the foundation in less than 5 minutes! After leaning on the seller a bit, we learned that the foundation had been repaired in the past. The seller never mentioned it to us. Alysse saved our behind on that deal! She later helped us buy a different house, and the house appraised for about $15,000 more than what we paid. Couldn’t be happier! “

Stanley & Rachel McDonald

“HelpUBuy America did a great job for us. They was quick to respond to our questions, and never once tried to “sell” us a house. I trusted their advice. We’re very happy with our experience with them. “

Darla & Carla

“HelpUBuy America saved us over $40,000 on our home purchase!  Needless to say, we’re thrilled!”

Tim & Michelle Rodgers

“Once I realized I needed help buying a house, I researched agents. I learned Exclusive Buyers’ Agents never help sellers, they only help buyers. I found Alysse Musgrave of “HelpUBuy America.” I am a do it yourselfer, so I really liked the idea of her flat rate program. It was as if we were a team and she mostly advised and negotiated for us. I really felt like she was working to make us happy. I was able to choose my financing, appraiser, title company and inspector. Alysse helped with this but I did my own research and made my own choices. I was able to have fun looking at homes and secure in the knowledge that she was there to keep me from making a bad deal. Alysse was very sorry for talking us out of the first house because of issues she pointed out, but this really sold my husband on her services (that house is still for sale). She has a talent for inspecting homes. The money I saved by going with her flat rate service, I plan to use for my new library room. I highly recommend Alysse Musgrave and her company.”

Bill & Kathy Nance

“We arrived in Dallas planning to rent a house, but quickly decided that buying made more sense financially. We didn’t know the area and we had never bought a house before. My sister recommended we contact a buyer’s agent, so I researched online and found several in the area. I also discovered Alysse’s book “Buying A Home: Don’t Let them Make a Monkey Out of You!”, which I promptly purchased and read (and highly recommend). I then visited the HelpUBuy America website, filled out the contact form, and was pleasantly surprised when Alysse herself responded within hours. Alysse’s expertise was invaluable, steering us away from houses that had obvious structural issues and assisting us in obtaining financing. She helped us locate a house we could afford and that both my husband and I loved. We closed on our new house just seven weeks after we hit town. Amazing. I highly recommended the services of HelpUBuy America.”

Karen Gibson

“We were looking into buying a house in DFW area and I have already read her book which was very informative. I was very happy having her as our agent. Not only was she looking after our interest, but also ensured that we are not buying into a wrong house.

“Alysse has deep knowledge on the housing market and what to watch out when buying a house. She was working day and night and kept us informed on the progress. Actually she made the whole home purchase very easy for us by dealing with all the complexity in the background. She has good contacts, however I have switched to another lender with better conditions and that was not a problem at all.

“As we only saw a few houses and found so quickly our dream home, we were eligible for the flat fee and we got some money back.

“It is good to know that after the purchase Alysse will still be around for any questions or concerns which is very important as a first time buyer in my perspective.

“I can only recommend having an exclusive buyers agent and especially Alysse which is looking out for your interest only and not any ones else.”

Ralph Wabel

“Alysse was a much needed partner in my search for a house during a very stressful time. I had just moved 1300 miles to start a new job for which I am still in very intense training. I did not have time for a lot of research. Circumstances required that I find a house quickly but I didn’t want any mistakes on a purchase that size. There were none.

“Alysse quickly understood what I was looking for. As a buyers agent she put my interests foremost and steered me away from properties that had flaws only a real estate professional would be aware of.

“If you are not in the Dallas/Fort Worth area you can still benefit from Alysse’s expertise. She has packed her knowledge into a book with a whimsical title that apparently cannot get by this sites censors.

“I ended up with a house that is exactly what I was looking for. And at a price under what I had expected to pay when I first arrived in town…thanks to Alysse’s accurate market analysis and sharp negotiating skills.

“I expect to be making some real estate investments in the future and plan to work with Alysse on those as well. I recommend that anyone contemplating a real estate purchase do the same.”

Rod Peet, Jr.

“My husband and I were first time home buyers. We didn’t know where to start or what we needed to do. We did minimal research and discovered Buyer agents. Alysse was amazing! We couldn’t have asked for a better guide through this major life process! She walked us through each step and even now that we have purchased our first home, she is still willing (and frequently does) help us out and answer any questions that we have as first time home owners. I can’t praise Alysse and her line of work enough! It is so reassuring to have a Buyer’s agent that is only interested in you and what you are looking for.”

Bonnie Snelling-Ross

“Best agent I could ever imagine! She has become not just my agent, but a friend. If you are looking to buy a house don’t hesitate to give her a call, you will quickly find yourself with not just an agent, but a friend who is on YOUR side.

“I am a first time homeowner(was a first time homebuyer!) and started looking around Late September/Early October time frame. I have always been a Do-it-Yourself type, so I already had a few picks before I even went looking for an agent. I went to the North American Exclusive Buyers Agents website and set up for them to send me a list of EBA in my area. I called/emailed several, and at first I didn’t know if I was going to go with Alysse, because she had a book, and I don’t really trust professionals that write books… But then, completely unprompted, she gave me a free copy… I was like, wait, why give away a FREE copy of your book, to a potential client… Well clearly it wasn’t about the money, and that’s when I started to pay attention. Alysse was ALL about HELPING BUYERS. In this case, that was me. We never talked about fees, and she was more than willing to give me all the advice I wanted and didn’t want long before I signed ANYTHING establishing her as my Agent.

“So now it is the end of October, and we start looking at houses. We found the PERFECT(no such thing) house on the very first try! Unfortunately, it was listed well above what it was worth, and even Alysse can’t fix stupid. So it was back out into the trenches! We saw several more houses, some I really wanted, and Alysse was there, patiently pointing out all the flaws, and informing us of why those houses LOOKED perfect, but weren’t really even good…

“Then we found our new home… It wasn’t supposed to be anything big, just another listing, a tester viewing for the neighborhood, really just a stand in for a house that I WANTED to view, but wasn’t available at the time due to renovations… We loved it, and Alysse worked hard to find flaws in it, to make sure we were getting the best. And when we got to the point of getting the house inspected(Which Alysse helped ME pick out, giving me several resources to use, and her own recommendations) the inspector was BLOWN AWAY. The condition of the house was almost perfect! I don’t think he pointed out anything that Alysse hadn’t already brought up, and none of it was a cause for concern.

“There was a lot to handle between making an offer and closing day, but Alysse helped me through it all. She always told me my options, even when my lender or the title company made it seem like there weren’t any options. I think total we’ve sent about 250 emails back and forth to each other. Ultimately closing came and went, on time, without issue and now, as a first time Homeowner, I feel confident going forward because there were no surprises during the home buying experience, and I’m sure, with Alysse as my guide, there won’t be anything going forward that I can’t handle.”

Preston Fawley

“Working with Alysse was such a great experience! She truly has the buyer’s best interest in mind. As a first time buyer, she encouraged me to go with the least expensive house we looked at ($50k under budget!) because of its value, resale potential and flexible floorplan that could easily accommodate the “what ifs”. She was so much fun to work with, like having a (very!) honest friend walk through houses with me. I’d highly recommend her to anyone in the DFW area!”

Dr. Amy Mohr

“My husband and I were first time home buyers and had no idea what we were doing, but Alysse guided us through every step of the process. We originally looked at resale homes, but after a few months we decided to pursue a new construction home and ended up finding the perfect lot in a wonderful community! We had a few bumps along the way with the builder, but Alysse stepped in an took care of everything for us. We’ve been in our new home for 2 months now, and we absolutely love it! Alysse is a wonderful person to work with, and we couldn’t have done it without her!”

Macie Blythe

“Alysse and her team is an amazing find. My husband did lots of research on buyer agents in Texas and found her book first. We enjoy looking at real estate, so we decided to use her flat fee program she offers that saved us thousands of dollars. Alysse is extremely helpful and my very favorite, honest. She will tell you the pros and cons of the home you are interested in with your best interest at heart. She’s extremely quick to respond and her knowledge of real estate is second to none. She’s a joy to work with and we are thankful to have found her for our last home purchase.”

Justin and Candace Acker

“We worked with Alysse on the purchase of our home in early 2016. She was phenomenal. I initially contacted her in August 2015, but was eight months pregnant at the time and decided to postpone our home buying until early 2016. When I contacted Alysse again in January 2016, she remembered us and arranged a meeting to discuss what we were looking for. She was accommodating not only to our schedule, but to specific needs such as bringing our two children along with us during viewings. She made us feel at ease and comfortable during each home viewing and pointed out pros and cons of each home. Alysse was so patient with our wants and needs lists, which were ever-changing throughout our home search. She was responsive and reassuring to our many questions and concerns. Once we began the offer process, she walked us through each step and offered sound advice regarding our offers. During the contract and inspection phase, she routinely checked in with us to assure us that everything was following our timeline. Alysse did a great job guiding us in how to select inspectors and home warranty companies. She was with us during our closing and made sure everything was in order. Even weeks after our closing, she has checked in with us to make sure all is well.

“As first time home-buyers we went into this process with minimal home buying knowledge and a lot of anxiety. Alysse made the entire experience easy and pleasant. When we finally received our keys, we could hardly believe how smooth the whole process was. Though we hope to stay put for many, many years, if we are ever in the market for another home in the future, we will absolutely contact Alysse again. We highly recommend her services, and are extremely grateful to her.”

Chris & Laura Adams

“Alysse is an excellent independent, exclusive buyers’ agent. Because she works with buyers only, she puts your interests first and is very transparent at every step of the process. She very professionally guided us through the whole home buying process as first-time buyers. We were very impressed by her negotiation skills, promptness in response and knowledge of the local housing market – we highly recommended her to anyone buying a home in the DFW metroplex!”

Christoffer Koch

“Alysse just helped us buy our first home in DFW – a tough market at this time. I found her to be trustworthy, quick to answer questions, and very straightforward. She helped us negotiate a good deal when we found issues with the house and made great recommendations for what work needed to be done. She even attended the closing with me and has been wonderful with following up. She has literally written the book on buying a home in Texas, and I highly, highly recommend her as your agent!”

Kelly Cornell

“I highly recommend Alysse Musgrave as a buyer agent for real estate. First, Alysse listens to her customers and delivers the essential information to help make well-informed decisions be they for a home as a primary residence or investment property. Alysse is a great source of information. Ethically sound – highest marks for ethics! She will help guide you toward your real estate decision and purchase.

“Alysse is an advisor or consultant and not a “salesperson” looking to close any deal at your expense. Her ethics are of the highest level, and this is evident as the core of her exclusive buyer business model.

“She has a broad base of knowledge to help guide any buyer of real estate be it a home or investment property. She has the ability to evaluate a property with a keen eye toward the all-important foundation and structure. She shines during the inspection stage and this helps protect you and your investment.

Ethics: 5-star *****

Knowledge: 5-star *****

Response: 4-star ****

Respectfulness: 5-star *****

Security/Privacy: 5-star *****

“I would certainly recommend her to my family without hesitation.

“Alysse Musgrave is mindful of her client’s security, and guards their privacy. She is respectful in her dealings, and also very personable. She is attentive and focused on the task at hand — adept at using all the modern communications and electronic forms involved with real estate transactions. We were able to work through the details of a purchase from across the country. I would not hesitate to employ her again.”

Todd & Shelley Heidelbaugh

“Alysse was truly a life safer when trying to buy a home in the hot DFW area market. Being new to the area, she helped steer us in the right direction. Because she is a buyer’s agent, she is extremely honest and helpful which helps you make the right decision. I cannot say enough about her and her level of knowledge, expertise and professionalism. She even know her stuff when it comes to doing work on a house and decorating! I highly recommend her.”

Shea Prevost

“Alysse Musgrave did an exceptional job in our home buying experience from beginning to end. We were first time homebuyers, and we are very pleased that we chose to work with Alysse. She has extensive knowledge of the market, and has been in the business for a very long time. She is extremely patient, and is great at guiding you through each part of the process. We never felt rushed in my decision, and she is not afraid to tell you that a home is not a good match for you which is so important. She takes the time to get to know your needs, and ensures you find the right home that makes sense for your budget and style. She has extensive experience in negotiations, and knows what to look for in inspections, repairs, foundation issues. etc. She is also very responsive, and very attentive. I would recommend her to anyone. She was such an important part in making our homebuyer experience a success.”

Vi Tran

“Alysse moved very quickly to secure us the home we wanted, without her speed we would have missed out as they had two backup offers the next day. She has lots of experience and answered all of our questions.”

Shane Pope

“Working with Alysse made the house buying experience easy, which is not something that’s easy to do! She knows all the tricks of the trade and is reasonable, affordable and understanding. Although she helped us find our dream home (so I don’t expect to need her again anytime soon) I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone I know who is buying a home. Highly recommended.”

Emily Bushnell

“Looking for our first home was never a pain with Alysse as our agent. As an exclusive buyers agent, she only thought about our welfare and how we can have our dream house. she was there to assisst with all the paperwork, provide referrals and sometimes babysit for 10 mins while we checked the house! LOL overall shes was the best thing that happend on our house hunt! thank you Alysse!”

Cyril Bebz

“Working with Alysse was the perfect match for us. We already had a good idea of what kind of house we would buy and which area of town and she was extremely helpful in pointing out important things we were not focusing on (future resale, neighborhood location, etc…). Her experience was very helpful in negotiating a great deal for us even in a sellers market with multiple offers. We definitely recommend Alysse!”

T.J. Hanson

“My husband and I worked with Alysse to purchase our home this past summer during the heat of the intense housing market. Despite the competitive market, we were able to find and purchase the house we wanted at a great price due to Alysse’s strategic advice and negotiation savvy. She knows the market and communities well, has phenomenal skills with communicating, and is a pleasure to work with. Alysse is courteous, professional, incredible smart, and level headed. I recommend her to anyone looking for a new home!”

Jennifer Quinn

“Ramzey is easy to work with. He knows the market, explains the process, and pays attention to the detail making sure the buyer pays only what he/ she needs to pay. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Anna Seroshtanova

“Ramzey did a great job with the whole process from beginning to end, he helped me find and also negotiated for the house that I wanted. He has a solid experience and knowledge in the industry and is a great asset to the buyer.”

Raja Khazen

“He paid attention to detail and very knowledgeable. Helped us avoid bad deals and houses with issues that could’ve caused problems down the road.”

Ruben Loganantharaj