Exclusive Buyer’s Agents – Clear Lake

An Exclusive Buyer Agent represents the home buyer throughout the entire buying process. They work in an office that never takes listings or represents sellers, so there is never a conflict of interest that will jeopardize their obligations to you.

Don’t confuse a Buyer Agent with an Exclusive Buyer Agent. Buyer Agents work for companies like Keller Williams or Re/Max. They represent both buyers and sellers, sometimes in the same transaction. This is called Dual Agency or Designated Agency, and consumer advocacy groups like Consumer Advocates in American Real Estate (CAARE.org) believe it to be legalized fraud. In fact, dual agency is illegal in every other profession besides real estate. If a Buyer Agent works for a company that also works with Sellers, they can abandon you if they show any of the homes listed by their firm. One day they work for you and the next day they work against you. It’s simply not possible for an agent to get the highest price for the seller and the lowest price for the buyer at the same time.


“I started HelpUBuy America because it’s the buyer who assumes most of the risk in a real estate transaction, yet has no one on their side. I am a consumer advocate and have been protecting the rights of homebuyers since 1995. I have a stellar reputation with the Better Business Bureau, the Texas Real Estate Commission, the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA), and Consumer Advocates in American Real Estate (CAARE). My Buyer Bill of Rights, below, is why over 75% of my clients are repeat or referral clients.”

– Alysse Musgrave, Broker


HelpUBuy America’s Pledge to Home Buyers

  • All information that you give to me will be kept confidential.
  • I will never ask you to sign a restrictive buyer’s representation agreement. If you don’t want to work with me – don’t!
  • I will show you all the homes on the market that suit your needs including MLS listed homes, new homes, For Sale By Owner homes, Foreclosures, and REOs.
  • I will tell you everything that I know about the seller, why they are selling, and what they paid for the property.
  • I will point out all the positive AND negative features of a home to help you make an informed decision.
  • I will never, ever represent a Seller. Ever!
  • I will not try to steer you into a more expensive home or a home that may not suit your needs.
  • I will produce a Comparable Market Analysis to verify the sales price of the property, and help you formulate an offer and a negotiating strategy.
  • I will hold your hand through the complicated process of selecting a loan program and a lender.
  • I will ensure that your inspector, lender, and title company treat you fairly and manage all of these processes.
  • I will never accept a kickback from a lender, title company, home warranty company, or any other vendor that I might refer to you.
  • I will NEVER accept more than a 3% commission. Any and all sales bonuses and incentives are passed along to my buyers.
  • I GUARANTEE that the house you select will pass inspection. If it doesn’t, I will pay for your next home inspection.
  • I will write an Earnest Money Contract that protects YOUR interests.
  • I will be available to you long after the sale.
  • I’ll do whatever it takes to be your real estate consultant for life!